escapist_rss (escapist_rss) wrote,

A reminder to Livejournal fans

This is just a friendly reminder that, as I announced earlier, I will no longer be updating the Livejournal feed. So if you would like to continue following news and updates to The Escapist, you have a couple of choices:

   - Add the RSS feed to your newsreader:

   - Follow The Escapist on Twitter:

I'm still open to keeping the LJ account active, if I can find a suitable method of auto-updating it. I considered using LoudTwitter, but it's been down for some time, and its future doesn't look good. If anyone has any good suggestions for this, I'd greatly appreciated them.

While I'm posting, I'd like to add that the Escapist Blog is up and going strong, and you can now sign up and post comments on my updates. So if you haven't already, head on over and join up!
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