escapist_rss (escapist_rss) wrote,

[Terra Libris] Liz Danforth interview on Grognardia

I've been a fan of Liz Danforth's art for a very long time, and even had the honor of meeting her at a convention in 2002. She is a very classy lady, and one of our hobby's true treasures.

Grognardia, a blog that explores the history and traditions of roleplaying, recently published a two-part interview with Liz in which she discusses her artwork, being a female gamer in a male-dominated hobby, and lots of great information about the benefits of all kinds of gaming (including RPGs) and how well they work in libraries.  Read all about it here: Part 1 - Part 2

[This update comes to you from The Escapist. Visit for more on the positive promotion of the roleplaying hobby.]
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