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Dave Arneson, R.I.P

(photo by Kevin McColl)

It's been a year and a month since we lost one of the co-creators of the original Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, and today the news comes to the roleplaying community that Dave Arneson, the other half of that creative team, has passed away.

I didn't post anything more than a picture and a caption when Gary left us last year, and I think that was mostly because so many others had covered his life and contribution so well, from the blogs of some of my close friends to Time magazine and Stephen Colbert. There wasn't much that I could say that hadn't already been said.

Mr. Arneson's passing, however, will probably not receive the same amount of attention.  Some have remarked that he was more of a silent partner, and uninterested in being known for his contribution to the game. Because of this, his name hasn't gained the same level of recognition as Gygax's.

Regardless, both men were responsible for a wonderful creation that inspired millions of players to create heroes and stories, and worlds to contain them both.

It would never be possible to estimate the positive effects that Dungeons & Dragons had on our present day culture - the friendships that were forged, the artists and authors who became inspired, and the imaginations that were set free - but we can make a pretty good guess that they were great.

Thank you, Dave and Gary.

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