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Is a bad economy good for RPGs?

I'm no expert on how the game industry (or ANY industry) works, or how it reacts to a bad economy, but I've usually heard others say sales of role-playing games can drop when the average disposable income does the same.

This piece from a Fox affiliate seems to point in the other direction, however:

Remember dungeons and dragons and magic the gathering? They're making a big comeback.

Sam Reed is the assistant manager of Quarterstaff Games on Church Street.  He says the store had record sales for the holidays.

The hobby gaming craze is branching into the younger crowds.

Reed says since families aren't traveling as much, they're buying games as an alternative.

"It's cheaper to stay at home, buy a board game, buy a card game.  It lasts a little longer.  You get a lot of replay out of it, versus a trip where you only get to go once," Reed said.

It does make some sense - RPGs are great entertainment value, and provide many more hours of entertainment than going out to a concert or movie or buying a new DVD.  I'm just not sure if this is a localized phenomenon or not, and if it applies to RPGs as well as board and card games. Does anyone have more information on this?

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